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Below is a list of frequently asked questions about my services. I’ve organized them into five sections:


  • General questions about my services

  • Questions about my Resume Writing service

  • Questions about my Interview Coaching service

  • Questions about my Career Coaching Bundle

  • Questions about scheduling a Strategy Call




General questions about my services


Do you offer a cookie cutter solution, or is it customized?


All of my 1-on-1 services are customized to you as an individual, based on your background and career goals. 


What industries do you specialize in? I'm in a very niche industry -- can you help me? 


My clients are primarily in Healthcare, Finance, Tech, Marketing, Engineering, and Sales. However, I have also worked with clients in other industries such as entertainment, hospitality, government, aero space, retail, manufacturing and many more -- at levels ranging from recent graduates, to executive leadership. So yes I am happy to help you regardless of your industry, background, or experience level!


Will I be working with you personally?


Yes! I work with all of my clients on a 1-to-1 basis -- we’ll come up with a plan for advancing your career, and I’ll help you execute it.


Do you have testimonials or recommendations from previous clients you’ve worked with?


Glad you asked! I’ve worked with tons of clients over the past few years -- you can check out some of their success stories and testimonials here.


Why should I hire you?


Most of my clients hire me to fast-track their job search, and help position themselves as the top candidate, leading to more and better offers, as well as salary increases. Most people tend to simply attempt to climb the career ladder blindly, hoping to get interviews and (once they’re finally hired) hoping they didn’t leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table when negotiating their salary -- a trap I help my clients avoid! 


Your services are too expensive for me, do you offer discounts? 


While I do not offer discounts, I am currently in the process of creating a series of Do It Yourself courses based on my services! These will help you get the career results you want, at a more affordable price. You can sign up to be notified when they are available by clicking here. 


Do you help people that are looking to relocate? Or pivot to a new industry? 


Yes, I can help in both of these situations. It’s especially important to have the right job-seeking strategy when relocating, because recruiters and hiring managers are usually very reluctant in hiring candidates who are not local. However, with the right strategy, you can absolutely make it work.

Questions about my Resume


Is LinkedIn writing included with resume writing? 


When you hire me for resume writing, you can add your new and improved resume to your LinkedIn Profile. Plus, as part of the service, I will also help you optimize your LinkedIn profile to help with your job search. Don't be surprised when recruiters start reaching out to you. ;-) 


Do I need to give you access to my LinkedIn profile?


No, I will help you optimize your LinkedIn profile in a way that makes it quick and easy for you to make the necessary changes on your own.


What if I have “scattered” experience or a gap in employment -- can you still help me? 


Yes -- if you have a gap in employment, have worked different types of jobs, or are a business owner looking to get back in the workforce, I will help you create what I call a Skill Based Resume (SBR). As the name implies, an SBR focuses more heavily on your skills, as opposed to the company and jobs you've worked for. Once they read your accomplishments and background (along with your top 3-4 skills) recruiters and hiring managers won't even notice you've had a non-traditional career timeline! 


How do I know if I need a resume rewrite?


For every 10 jobs you apply to, you should expect to land at least 2 interviews. If you're not getting those conversions, it's time to rewrite your resume.  


Will my new and improved resume land me a job offer?


No, the only purpose of the resume is to get you interviews. The resume itself will not get you job offers.  If you need help getting great job offers, I recommend purchasing either my Interview Coaching package, or my Career Coaching Bundle, which includes all of my services for one special price. (You can read about my services here.)


What is ATS?


ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System -- essentially a computer program that helps hiring managers and recruiters electronically and automatically sort through all of the resumes that are submitted for a particular job. The ATS scans your resume for specific keywords, and the more relevant keywords you have, the higher the score you get. Being one of the top scoring candidates greatly increases your chances of landing interviews. 


How fast can you write (or rewrite) my resume?


For best quality, I will write (or rewrite) your resume during a live call -- this allows us to talk it through, ensuring I have the best and most accurate information about you, and also that you’re comfortable with everything I’m writing. So you’ll receive your updated resume on the date we schedule our call. (To hire me for Resume Writing now, click here.)


Will you personally be the one writing (or rewriting) my resume?


Absolutely -- I personally write (or rewrite) the resume of every client who purchases my Resume Writing package. :-)


Is a Resume Writing service worth it?


It is if you're serious about landing a new job. With resume writing, you get positioned and branded for the roles YOU want, hack the ATS system to work in your favor (so your resume gets into Hiring Managers’ hands, rather than getting stuck in a black hole in cyberspace), and you position yourself as the top candidate recruiters are most excited to interview. This is how serious, career oriented professionals are able to quickly advance in their careers and receive job offers at the top of their salary range!


I'm looking at different industries or roles. Do I need multiple resumes?


No, as long as the roles or industries are similar. If so, I'll show you how you can tailor your resume in less than 10 minutes for every job or industry you apply for. However, if you're applying to jobs in two totally different industries, you may need a different resume for each one. For example, if your background is in financial audits, but your passion or hobby is creating apps for the gaming industry -- and you want to look for a new job in either app development or financial audits -- you will probably need 2 different resumes. 

Questions about my Interview Coaching


How long does interview coaching take?


My interview coaching service consists of (1) 60-min Mock Interview session, as well as some “offline” work when we aren’t meeting together. It starts with an initial (recorded) mock interview session, where I analyze your current interviewing skills. We then focus the rest of our time in the areas you need improvement in. The four sessions can move as fast as your availability allows. On average it takes 2 weeks to become a great interviewer. 


How do I know if I need interview coaching?


If you don't feel in control of the interview… If you find yourself wondering if you did well after an interview… If you feel like you’re not nailing interviews, but aren’t sure why… If after an interview you’re unsure if you’ll be moving to the next round… If you're not getting job offers (or not getting the offers that excite you)... Then it's probably time to invest in interview coaching. 


What can I expect from your interview coaching service?


You should expect personalized coaching. We start with an initial recorded mock interview, which helps me figure out the “baseline” we are working from. During that initial mock interview, I evaluate all of the following:


  • Your answers common interview questions 

  • Your answers to questions that catch you off guard 

  • Are your answers too short? Too long? Boring? Are they memorable? Do you appear nervous? Do you say things that recruiters and hiring managers would consider “red flags”?

  • How much control do you have over the interview?

  • Does your personality shine through? Will I remember you above and beyond the other candidates?

  • Do you know how to uncover what's stopping you from moving to the next round or getting the job offer?

  • How confident do you appear?

  • AND because we are in a pandemic and most interviews are now done via video, I’ll also look for the environment and location where you hold the interview -- is the lighting flattering? Is the background so distracting that the recruiter can’t even pay attention to you? And so on.


Once I have the answers to the metrics above, we then work on your areas of improvement. It typically takes 2 weeks, depending on your schedule. In our final session, we do a final mock interview -- then we can look at the recordings of both “bookended” mock interview videos so you can see how much you’ve improved from the beginning of our process, to the end!

Questions about my Career Coaching


I'm not sure where to go next in my career -- can you still help me? 


Yes, I've helped many of my clients figure out their next career leap, and pave the way for them to arrive there in the shortest amount of time. These are not fluffy-feelings sessions -- I offer real life step-by-step processes that get you the excellent results you’re looking for.  


What if I don't know what my passion is? 


That’s okay, you don't need to. After working with me, you’ll discover exactly what type of environments you thrive in, and where you should start your job search. 


What is your style? Will you be conducting personality tests on me? 


I don't do personality tests. I focus on your goal (whether it's a particular salary, job title, a job with a certain company, etc.) -- then I help you get there. If you don't know what your next role should be, I use a process of elimination approach to help you figure it out quickly and easily. 

Questions about scheduling a Strategy Call


What is a Strategy Call?


All of my new clients begin with an initial, complimentary 45-minute strategy call -- this allows us to get to know each other and make sure we are a good fit to work together, while also allowing us to map out a personalized plan for helping you advance your career.


Is there a charge for scheduling a Strategy Call?


There is no charge for scheduling a Strategy Call. However, my time slots for Strategy Calls are limited, and require advanced scheduling.


How long does a Strategy Call last?


Each Strategy Call takes about 45 minutes. I’ll ask some questions, give you some helpful pointers, and, if we both agree we’re a good fit to work together, we’ll come up with a personalized plan for helping you achieve your career goals.

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