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Resume Writing: Client Success Spotlight

Sharon Philip.jfif

“I reached out to Claudia for resume writing and career coaching. Claudia has great attention to detail and is quick to understand various job functions within various industries. She did an amazing job in helping me rewrite my resume and cover letter. I received positive employer feedback for almost every job application I completed. I would highly recommend working with Claudia as she is tech savvy, and is receptive to job seekers looking to make an impact.”


- Sharon P.

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90-Day Job Offer Career Coaching Program- Best Value (save $1397+)


A total package of all of my services in one -- with lots of extra bonuses! An intense, transformative 90-day program for women who are ready to make a serious leap in their career.


What’s included:

   My complete Resume & Cover Letter Writing package ($1098+ value):

  • Access to proven pre-written resumes known to get interviews at Apple, McKinsey, Netflix, Google and More

  • Resume keyword (ATS) optimization 

  • Coaching on how to best use your resume

  • Coaching on tailoring your resume for any job

  • LinkedIn profile optimization

  • How to brand yourself

  • And more 

    My complete Interview Coaching package ($2,499 value)

  • 1 video coaching session with me

  • Mock interviews to build your skills quickly

  • Detailed critiques and suggestions for improving

  • Coaching on answering tricky questions

  • Coaching on mastering video call interviews

  • Before-and-after videos to highlight your progress

  • How to confidently answer questions that catch you off guard

  • Mastering the art of the close

  • How to stand out from the pack and make yourself memorable to hiring managers

  • Mastering the art of the follow up

  • How to uncover and overcome hidden objections that prevent managers from hiring you or advancing you to the next interview round

  • And more!

   Plus, additional, in-depth coaching and special bonuses ($3,000+ Value)

  • Advanced digital networking coaching: Master the art and science of networking for career advancement in the digital age. Learn how to connect with leaders and powerful professionals who can help you get to the next level, how to create lasting professional relationships that continue to pay dividends over the course of your career, and more.

  • Advanced job search strategy and coaching: Landing your dream job begins with optimizing your job search. Learn how to quickly attract the best opportunities, including getting on the radar of high powered recruiters and hiring managers in your desired field.

  • Advanced personal branding coaching: Landing your dream job isn’t about luck -- it’s about branding yourself so recruiters and hiring managers see you as the #1 candidate for filling that role! Learn how to brand yourself for any job you want -- a skill that will help you position yourself to win throughout your entire career.

  • Advanced salary negotiation coaching: This is one of the most misunderstood aspects in the career advancement process. It’s not what you see on TV! Learn real negotiation strategies that position you to win right from the start -- and how to confidently execute them to get $10,000, $25,000, or even $120,000 or more in additional yearly income.

  • Advanced coaching on breaking into elite companies: It’s no secret that the most elite companies are the hardest to break into. But what most people don’t know is that there’s an art and science to breaking into elite companies. I’ll show you how to cut through the red tape, connect directly with relevant VIPs, and more.


Total Cost: $4,000 (Monthly Payments Available)

Career Coaching: Client Success Spotlight

Isaura Hollcraft.jfif

“After contacting Claudia and having the phone conversation with her, I decided to start a program with her. Claudia had a different challenge with me since I was new to the country and I was switching my area of expertise. 


“Soon after we started, about 3 weeks, I had my first in-person interview! Claudia is fantastic at giving advice on how to approach recruiters and get interviews. She also is very responsive and is there with you at all times during the process, whether it is to do mock trials, help you respond to emails, show you how to negotiate... 


“It was a perfect support to have during my job search. Right at our last meeting I was doing a trial at a company and signed the contract the week after! In 90 days, Claudia gave me all the tools I needed to get the perfect job for me :). I would most certainly recommend her to anyone that wants to find their perfect opportunity.”

-Isaura H.

Interview Coaching: Client Success Spotlight

Meryl Mohan.jfif

“I worked with Claudia on a 4-session program to improve my interview skills. I needed to take my interview skills to the next level, and felt that it was holding me back from landing offers. Claudia helped to refine and improve the stories I tell during interviews and bolster my confidence when going into an interview. She also helped tackle how to handle questions that throw you off, and ways to mitigate nervousness. She's a pleasure to work with, and Claudia's enthusiasm and passion for her clients is clearly visible. I highly recommend her!"


- Meryl M.

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