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You’re just 90 days away from your dream job—and a dream salary to go with it.



Maybe you:

  • Are undervalued and underpaid in a toxic workplace

  • Have been passed up for promotions you know you deserved

  • Feel like you’ve outgrown your current company

  • Want a role that fits your values

  • Have big financial dreams for yourself or your family

  • Are ready to break through to the next step in your career



90-Day Job Offer shows you how to demolish the roadblocks that are keeping you at a career standstill.

Skip the endless hours of applications and bypass the dreaded lowball offers.

With The 90-Day Job Offer, the average applicant lands a 56% salary increase.

“I DOUBLED my income”

"I was able to talk to companies that never even looked at me before. 


I was a contractor for $96k a year. With my new company I was hired at $175k + $20k bonus, 401k options, and full benefits. 


I doubled my income because of you."


— M.G.

“A $50k Salary Increase!”


“Thanks to the skills I learned from you, I’ve started a new position with a 66% higher base salary (a $50k increase).


Not only that, but it is a position much closer suited to the work I want to be doing." 


— M.M.

“From $77k to $110k”

"Since you revamped my resumé, I booked more interviews and landed a new role, going from $77K to $94K with a $5k sign-on bonus! 


That’s not including the commission which would bring me to approx. $110K.


— S. Lee

With The 90-Day Job Offer, you’ll:


Get your applications noticed with a stand-out resumé and attention-grabbing cover letter


Discover the unwritten rules around applying for next-level positions—even if you're not 100% qualified


Confidently negotiate your salary and benefits package (and ditch the fear of losing the offer)


Get recruiters blowing up your LinkedIn inbox with an impressive SEO-friendly profile


Detect pitfalls that may lead to future layoffs, salary freezes, or career stagnation


Learn how to become a sought-after expert (and get offers for unpublished openings)


Maximize your lifetime salary earnings with a customized long-term career path: Learn exactly how long to stay in        each role to optimize your salary and benefits (hello, easy-breezy retirement!)


I’m Claudia Miller, your Career Coach.

I’ve been where you are—feeling stuck giving 110% to a role that’s not serving your needs and your dreams. 

Consistently passed up for promotions.

Over-delivering with no reciprocation.

Afraid to leave, because . . . what if I spend hours researching jobs, completing applications, and don’t get any better offers?

But . . .

I’ve also made strategic leaps from one role to another, securing $30k+ salary increases every time. 


Even when I was only 30% “qualified.”

It wasn’t easy. 

I invested over $50k in coaches, resumé writers, career courses, and books to help me master resumés, outreach, negotiations, and everything else it took to maximize my career.


I made all the mistakes. And I learned from them.

I did it the hard way—so you don’t have to.

Here’s the thing:

Much of the career advice that’s out there is a waste of time, at best. 

And at worst? It can actually set your career back instead of moving it forward.

So using what I learned first-hand, I created 90-Day Job Offer—the program I wish had existed when I was pursuing career advancement and negotiating salary.

This program would have saved me so much time, money, and frustration.

And that’s exactly what it will do for you.

Full of hand-picked, ready-to-implement resources and strategies specifically curated for women in tech, 90-Day Job Offer has helped women like you secure dream roles with an average 56% salary increase, adding $30k - $120k to their annual earnings.

Over the last two years, my 90-Day Job Offer clients have collectively increased their income by over $1 million, performing rewarding roles at companies that value and appreciate them.

Sound good?


Let’s get started.

Colorful Professional Comparison Features Table Infographic Graph (6).png




The 90-Day Job Offer curriculum breaks the job search process into bite-sized pieces that make a big impact, fast.


Here are just some of the crucial lessons you’ll learn and resources you’ll be provided throughout the program:


Getting Started

✅ Establishing your job search parameters 


✅ Your job search tracker


✅ Mapping your career path and creating your career playbook


Preparing for the Search

✅ Identifying ideal roles and organizations


✅ Building and expanding an impactful professional network


✅ How to find email addresses for potential influential connections


✅ Templates for connecting and following up with your network, making it easy to reach out to new and existing connections


✅ How to schedule and track the emails you send (so you can grow your relationships without being handcuffed to your email)


Application Materials


✅ Step-by-step resumé writing guide


✅ How to get past the automated Application Tracking System (ATS)—the AI gatekeeper of your ideal roles


✅ Quick tips for optimizing your LinkedIn profile so recruiters seek you out for top roles


✅ Cover letter templates and samples


✅ How to spend less time applying—and still improve your results


✅ How (and why) to reach out to recruiters after you’ve submitted your application

✅ What to do to become a sought-after candidate, even if you’re changing industries or are just starting out!


Interview and Salary Negotiation


✅ Beyond best practices for interviewing (including strategies for virtual and in-person interviews and callbacks)


✅ How to review a company’s earnings call so you walk in prepared with all the right numbers


✅ How to prepare for a last-minute interview


✅ How to generate 3 interviews in 3 days


✅ Salary negotiation scripts specifically crafted for women in tech—don’t waste time digging through generic negotiation strategies meant for men!


✅ How to answer the salary range question when you’re put on the spot

Plus, a limited-time bonus:

“What Recruiters Don’t Want You to Know”

Valued at $250

Included free when you enroll

Top Recruiter for Fortune 50 companies, shares insider secrets and behind-the-scenes details to help you get the role you desire and the salary you dream of.

Discover tips like:

⭐ How to apply successfully when you’re not 100% qualified

⭐The question you should be asking in every interview

⭐How to stand out in a crowded market

This recorded interview is available exclusively to 90-Day Job Offer clients!

“Got an offer for my dream job—just one hour after the interview!”

During interview prep, Claudia helped me discover all of my valuable experience.


She helped me effectively prepare for different conversations and boosted my self-confidence


As a result, I heard back from the employer within an hour of the interview and I got an offer with my dream job!

— Elyse G.



Claudia has great attention to detail and is quick to understand job functions within various industries. 


She did an amazing job in helping me rewrite my resumé and cover letter. I received positive employer feedback for almost every job application I completed. 


I would highly recommend working with Claudia as she is tech-savvy and receptive to job seekers looking to make an impact.


— Sharon P.

“My career accelerated so much faster than I thought possible!”

"The amount of interviews I’ve gotten have skyrocketed. I’ve interviewed with the likes of Google, Apple, and EY. 


Last week I accepted an offer going from 65k salary to 130k. I don’t think it would’ve been possible without your help! 


My career really accelerated much faster than I thought possible." 


— N. Bosnjak


I’m so certain you’ll find value in the 90-Day Job Offer program, I guarantee it.

I’ve worked with dozens of clients who have used 90-Day Job Offer to land fulfilling roles and maximize their salaries. I 100% believe that this program can help you reach your career goals, too.


Try it for 30 days. Complete the exercises. If the program doesn't help you get closer to landing your dream job and salary, I'll give you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this course is right for me?

90-Day Job Offer is ideal for you if:

  • You're willing to put in the work to get amazing results

  • You're coachable, growth-oriented, and willing to keep an open mind

  • You have a failure-is-not-an-option attitude

  • You’re not getting the interviews or offers you want

  • You're willing to invest in your job search—knowing your dream job is out there!


I'm concerned about the self-paced part of the course. What if I don't follow through?

First of all, your self-awareness in asking this question already tells me that you can be successful with this program.


If follow-through is a concern of yours, enroll in the Standard or Premium levels for one-on-one and community accountability. These components of the program—the bi-weekly coaching calls and unlimited email coaching directly from me—will keep you moving forward through the curriculum . . . and getting closer to your dream role!



How much time will this program take?

90-Day Job Offer is designed to save you time during your job search. The strategies and resources included will help you get the results you’re looking for without always having to go through the whole application process!


How fast you can move through the program is determined by your own calendar and goals.


Some clients start interviewing for roles in as little as 2 weeks. On average, clients begin interviewing within 5 weeks. 


Each week, plan to set aside a minimum of 90 minutes to work on progressing your career with this program. Some students spend as much as 3 hours per week.


On the employer side of the timeline, companies take an average of 41 days from the time they post the job to the time they make their final hiring decision.



I really want to work with a headhunter. Will 90-Day Job Offer help me with that?

Here’s how headhunters work: they operate from a list of tried-and-true, experienced potential candidates. 


If you want a headhunter to consider you, you need to be ready to pitch yourself—including a high-performing resumé, optimized LinkedIn profile, and other elements that you’ll learn in 90-Day Job Offer. 


My advice is to go through 90-Day Job Offer first, before you start reaching out to headhunters!



Can this help me if I'm looking to transition industries or roles?

Yes! Whether you’re looking for a new role or industry, or staying in your current “lane,” this program will help you find the job you’re looking for—without taking a step back down the career ladder or taking a pay cut.


You have expertise that’s applicable beyond your current role and industry. I help you identify that expertise and teach you to leverage it so you can show up as an enormous asset to your new company, role, or industry.



I work in XYZ industry. Can this program work for me?

Definitely. I've helped clients across 24 industry groups, including Computer Software, CPG, Insurance, Healthcare, Banking, Advertising and Marketing, and Consulting. 


Everything I teach is applicable to all corporate roles!



How can I set myself up for success with this program?

90-Day Job Offer is designed to take you step-by-step through your job search, from resumé-writing to successfully negotiating your dream salary!


Three things to keep in mind as you go through the program:


  1. Focus on the things you can control (like the content of your cover letter and the questions you ask in your interviews). As for the other things—the economy, job market, your past experience, your “pedigree” or education—let those go. 

  2. Practice a growth mindset and openness to change and learn. 

  3. The main indicator of success in this program is simply: do the work. Prioritize time on your calendar for each lesson, and then get it done! It can be tempting to push this work to the side when you’re juggling your current role, family, and other urgent parts of life. Try to focus on what’s important—reaching your career and salary goals—and keep your commitment to yourself. You deserve a role that fills your wallet and fulfills your passion!


Will I have immediate access to the full curriculum?

When you register, you'll get immediate access to each module and lesson. If you register for the Standard or Premium program levels, you’ll also receive a calendar invite for the bi-weekly group coaching calls. 



What if I can't make it to a coaching call?

Every coaching call is recorded so you can view it on your own schedule! You also have an opportunity to pre-submit the questions you’d like me to cover during the call.


Recorded coaching calls are released the following day, and you retain access to them for life.



How do I redeem the bonus module?

If you sign up for the course during our special enrollment period, you’ll receive a free copy of "What Recruiters Don't Want You To Know." This exclusive interview will be emailed to you when you enroll.



What if I'm not happy with the program?

I 100% believe that this program can help you reach your career goals! I’m so certain, I guarantee it.


Try the program for 30 days. Complete the exercises. If the program doesn't help you get closer to landing your dream job and salary, I'll give you a full refund.

You're three steps away from landing your dream job and ideal salary.


Enroll in 90-Day Job Offer


Get Your Step-by-Step Strateg


Accept Your Dream Role & Salary

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