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The Career Coach For Women In Tech Leaders

I started my career like many people do: in an entry level role, not loving my job, and barely making any money!


But unlike many of my colleagues at that time, I wasn’t willing to settle. 


While I’m certainly ambitious, and no stranger to hard work, the idea of working in a non-ideal situation for years on end to “pay my dues” or “slowly work my way up the ladder for 20-30 years” just didn’t appeal to me!


It quickly became clear that I needed to find a better, faster path to career advancement.

Why do some people excel at career advancement?

I soon became fascinated with people who always seemed to be crushing it in their careers... 

You know, those “lucky” ones who always seemed to be in the right place at the right time, landing their dream job at an amazing salary? Or the ones who always seem to get those promotions and $50,000 raises, “right on schedule”? 


I decided to study those people, to see if they had anything in common that I might be able to replicate for myself.

That’s when I started making some surprising discoveries.


Were they born lucky?


To be honest, at first I was a little worried that I might discover that they’d simply come from advantageous backgrounds, with lots of family connections, huge networks, financial advantages, and so on.


That would have been bad news for me, because I didn’t have any of those things!


But my concerns were eased when I discovered the real truth: most of them did not come from advantageous backgrounds -- in fact many of them came from incredibly humble beginnings.


Nor were they necessarily geniuses, or specially gifted people. While they were certainly very good at their jobs, in many cases they were not necessarily any better than those crawling up the corporate ladder at a snail’s pace!



How to be “lucky” in your career


What I discovered was that the people who were making leaps in their careers were always masters at navigating the career ladder.


Here are just a few examples:


  • When searching for jobs, they weren’t just looking for “a role that suited them”. Instead, they pinpointed their next position strategically, so that it not only aligned with their skills and interests, but also positioned them for their next career leap too! 


  • Nor did they send out their resume to companies and hope for a response… Their resumes were polished, and optimized to pass through any company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS), guaranteeing it would be seen by hiring managers and position them as a top candidate in their field.


  • Before going into an interview, they’d already done their homework -- researching key details about the company, the interviewer, and even the proper salary range for the position they were seeking. This helped them interview confidently, ask great questions, make themselves the most memorable and standout candidate, and negotiate the best possible salary for themselves, every single time!


Again, those are just a few examples, and there’s certainly a lot more to it. But the big takeaway is that these people were all advancing their careers in ways that were predictable and repeatable -- almost like a scientific process that anyone can take advantage of.


From “steps” to “leaps” in my own career


Once I realized that anyone can deliberately, methodically advance their career much quicker and more efficiently than most people realize, I decided to get serious about putting time and effort into building my own career. 


I stopped blindly climbing the corporate ladder, and instead became the architect of my own career success.


Within 12 months, I went from feeling “meh” about my work, to breaking into an amazing management role, getting multiple promotions and repeatedly negotiating $30,000 salary increases each time.


I almost couldn’t believe it… In fact I wouldn’t have believed it just a few short years earlier. But after witnessing many others take leaps in their career, and doing it myself, the results were undeniable.


Helping others achieve their career goals


Before long, I was showing my friends, family, and colleagues how they could make leaps in their careers, too.


One thing I noticed is that people are so focused on their JOB, they don’t really have the time or training to work on building their CAREER.


Nor do most people necessarily want or need to become “career advancement geeks” -- they just want to know what to do, so they can get their next promotion, land their dream job, or negotiate a big salary raise.


That’s where I come in: having spent years figuring this stuff out, I found that I was able to be a huge help to many others in this area too. Coaching people on advancing their career became my passion, and, ultimately, my full time business!


My work has even attracted features from major news outlets, like Forbes, MSNBC, Business Insider, and more:


My interview with Chicago’s WGN-TV - “Accelerating Your Career”

Ready to make a leap in your career?


Now I’d love to help you get the career results you’ve been dreaming about...


  • Maybe you’re feeling dissatisfied, stuck, or undervalued in your current position


  • Maybe you’re looking for a promotion, or a salary increase


  • Perhaps you’ve recently been laid off, and aren’t sure what to do next


  • Or maybe you’re just looking for your next career leap -- or a new adventure!


Regardless of where you’re currently at, I’m confident that, together, we can get you to where you want to be.



What I can help you with


I use a mix of traditional career advancement methods, along with my own proven, proprietary, “unconventional” strategies I’ve picked up along my own journey -- to help you get the best results, in the shortest amount of time.


I can help with any and all of the following:


  • Figuring out the next step in your career 

  • Securing your dream job, at your dream company

  • Breaking into management 

  • Negotiating a raise

  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile

  • Writing/rewriting your resume

  • Writing/rewriting your cover letter

  • Helping you land more interviews

  • Improving your interviewing skills to land more offers

  • Pivoting your career (jumping into a new industry, or relocating)

  • Achieving more career satisfaction

  • And more!


Take the next step


If you’re ready to learn more, the next step is to schedule a Discovery Call. 


This is a great way for us to get to know each other, see if we’re a good fit to work together, and map out a plan for helping you make an exciting leap in your career!


There’s no risk and no obligation. But these do fill up fast, so if you’re serious about advancing your career, click the button below to get started.

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