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Keynotes, Presentations & Workshops 

Claudia is a career and workplace expert known for her simple, actionable, no-fluff approaches. 


She is available for keynotes, workshops, and presentations on a variety of topics related to career and workplace success. (Please see examples below.)


“Claudia's presentation was the most watched video of the summit! She's organized, concise, and eloquently spoken which made her presentation captivating and easy to follow.”


- Deitra Lawson, Money Noggin

Career-Related Topics

Salary Negotiation


  • How to start salary negotiation conversations

  • Figuring out your true market value

  • Debunking stubborn myths about salary negotiation

  • How to negotiate without seeming confrontational, or “greedy”

  • 34 things you can negotiate with your company (other than salary)

  • Negotiating an outstanding job offer

  • How to negotiate an offer once you’ve already accepted

  • Leveraging employee evaluations into salary increases

  • Proactively preparing for future salary increases (6-12 months out)

  • And much more


Digital Networking to Get the Job You Want 


  • How to network strategically to achieve your individual goals

  • Step-by-step processes for connecting with industry leaders 

  • Positioning yourself as an expert in your industry

  • Identifying key leaders to connect with

  • Finding the best mentors in your industry

  • How to reach out to leaders on LinkedIn

  • Scripts for connecting with hard-to-reach people

  • Digital networking etiquette

  • “Dos and don’ts” of digital networking

  • How to discover any person’s email address, in under 60 seconds

  • Powerful questions to help you quickly build connections

  • Strengthening and deepening your connections for maximum value

  • And much more


Job Search Strategy


  • Identifying your dream company (or companies) to work for

  • Understanding your target companies’ hiring criteria

  • Using your target companies’ hiring criteria to your advantage

  • Why you’re qualified for more jobs than you probably think

  • How to get around qualifications you don’t yet possess

  • How to secure jobs that truly advance your career

  • Identifying jobs that are a great fit for you 

  • What hiring managers really look for in your resume

  • Tricky job search traps, and how to avoid them

  • Reaching out to people who can help you land your dream job

  • Great questions to help you gain insights into any company

  • Determining if a company’s culture is a good fit for you

  • Where to find “hard to get” information about any company

  • COVID-19-specific job search strategies

  • And much more


How to Get Noticed and Promoted


  • How to avoid being passed up for a promotion 

  • What to do if you’ve already been passed up for a promotion

  • Positioning yourself for your next promotion

  • Being proactive in seeking out your next promotion

  • “Documenting your success” to make yourself more promotable

  • Making and leveraging connections to help get promoted

  • Creating a plan to ensure you qualify for promotions

  • Identifying and influencing decision makers

  • And much more


Roadmap to 6-Figures and More


  • Identifying positions with six-figure potential

  • Determining which six-figure opportunities are right for you

  • Skills to help you get to 6-figures, and beyond

  • Common pitfalls of six-figure job seekers, and how to avoid them

  • Using your unique skill set to achieve a 6-figure salary

  • Creating a six-figure career path that is also satisfying and fulfilling

  • Identifying intermediate jobs that will help you bridge the gap to 6-figures

  • How to put your six-figure plan into action immediately

  • And much more


I recently attended a workshop of Claudia's with the ChicagoCHEC Summer Fellows Program where she went over salary and benefits negotiation as well as how to self-brand the image you want portray through social media marketing to achieve your career goals. She asked that the attendees of this workshop fill out a short survey prior, and used that information to tailor that workshop specifically to our cohort. She even looked at the LinkedIn profiles of some of the fellows ahead of time, and gave an example of how we could amplify our headlines. I have since heeded her advice, and saw an increase in my views on my LinkedIn page as well as zoom meetings from cold messages using her template for cold reach outs. I will absolutely consult Claudia for future salary negotiations and future career goals. She told me, "Rebekah, it's not a matter of if you succeed, but when and where." She helps you believe in you. 1000% recommend Claudia.

-Rebekah M.

Workplace-Related Topics

Digital Networking for Remote Employees


  • Helping remote employees feel included

  • Helping remote employees become part of your culture

  • How to make remote employees more “visible”

  • Fostering relationships among remote and non-remote employees

  • Creating advancement opportunities for remote employees

  • Common remote employee pitfalls, and how to avoid them 

  • Overcoming the inherent disadvantages of remote hiring

  • Cultivating happiness and satisfaction among remote employees

  • How to get the most out of remote employees

  • Motivating remote employees to always do their best work

  • And much more


How to Run Effective Interviews


  • Interviewing effectively in any type of organization (including nonprofits)

  • Identifying and mitigating interviewer biases

  • The double-edged sword of standardized questions

  • How to personalize standardized questions to achieve equality

  • How to set all candidates up for equal success

  • Accounting for candidates’ individual strengths and weaknesses

  • Ensuring all candidates have a similar interview experience

  • The top interview “killers”, and how to avoid them

  • Minimizing assumptions for maximum fairness and equality

  • And much more


Lean Concepts for Your Employees 


  • How to get leaner, without lengthy or expensive programs 

  • How to improve processes in any department

  • Increasing productivity through process improvement

  • How to eliminate waste, and wasted efforts

  • Cutting through red tape to get more done

  • Identifying and removing detrimental bottlenecks

  • Improving processes to make clients happier

  • How to maintain (or improve) quality along with process improvement

  • Using process improvement to get more done, faster

  • And much more


Stress Management for Remote Employees 


  • Dealing with the stresses of working in the COVID-19 era

  • How to maintain productivity while working remotely

  • How to help employees get more done in less time

  • Lean process methodology

  • Managing emotions while working remotely

  • Schedule-management tools for handling increased meetings

  • How introverts can be more effective while working remotely

  • How employees can improve their jobs (rather than just doing their jobs)

  • Making meetings more productive and efficient

  • Managing people in times of increased stress

  • Connecting with mentors and others in your department or organization

  • Planning ahead to ease stress and increase productivity

  • And much more


Developing Better Work Relationships Remotely


  • How any employee can thrive while working remotely

  • How to communicate effectively and improve processes

  • Forging deep connections with colleagues while working remotely

  • Recognizing achievements during team calls

  • Using the art of the “quick call” to connect, and improve productivity

  • Maintaining connections with coworkers while working remotely

  • Improving processes while simultaneously building relationships

  • Magic words for building relationships and making employees happier

  • How to improve interpersonal relationships in 5-10 minutes

  • Key questions that deepen relationships among employees

  • And much more

“Even after 10 successful years in IT sales, I found after taking the live workshop it provided me with the fine tuning and polish I needed to take my career to the next level.” 


- John M.

Previous Speaking Engagements & Keynotes


  • Nimble (acquired by HPE)

  • University of Illinois at Chicago, Keynote Speaker

  • University of Illinois, School of Public Health

  • Hispanic Alliance for Career Advancement (HACE)

  • Everthrive

  • Northwestern University

  • Depaul University

  • Gamma Phi Omega

  • HispanicPro

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I approached Claudia because I was looking for someone who could talk to the students in the Chicago Cancer Healthy Equity Collaborative fellows program about how to amp up a resume/LinkedIn page and salary negotiations. She was referred to me by a colleague who previously attended a workshop led by Claudia. Claudia's personality and professionalism won me over! Claudia helped ease my anxiety as she went through how the workshop would like- she sent out surveys to the students to get to know them better and meet them where they were at in terms of salary negotiations. She continuously asked for my feedback to assure she was meeting the needs of the students. The results were AMAZING. The students enjoyed her workshop. The wealth of knowledge they acquired in Claudia's workshop will definitely come in handy as they grow within their careers. Claudia truly listened to what I was asking for and she surely delivered a great workshop! I will definitely be asking her to come be back next year for our next ChicagoCHEC fellows cohort. I would definitely recommend her!

-Maggie N.

Next Steps


If you’re interested in hiring me for a keynote, workshop, or presentation, please use the button below to set up a no-risk, no-obligation strategy call to discuss further.

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