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Roadmap to the Executive Suite Podcast

Who is it for?


Driven professional women who want to learn how to accelerate in their careers and be in leadership positions (Director, Sr. Director, VP, C-Suite, etc) and want to learn how to navigate the space both professionally and personally.


What's the Value I'll be bringing?


I'm a Career Coach and I've helped hundreds of clients accelerate in their careers while getting them up to $140,000 in salary increases. I'll be giving advice I only share with my clients and I'll also be having guests such as Executive Recruiters, Women in Leadership Positions (CEO, CFO, VPs, CMO...), Hiring Managers & Leadership experts all tailored towards the ambitious woman. Business Insider named me one of the "Top 23 Most Innovative Career Coaches of 2020" and have been featured in Forbes and MSNBC.

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