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Do you disqualify yourself from applying based on job descriptions? It's to rethink your strategy...

A key idea I shared recently that made someone else say... "I Never Thought Of That Before!"

When you look at a job posting... do you expect to check off everything they're looking for?

I hope you answered no. 🚫

Here's why...

If you check off everything in a job posting--that means you have nothing new to learn in the role.

When you have nothing to learn... you start getting bored and feeling unchallenged... which will have you looking for a job elsewhere.

One of the many reasons employees leave an organization is because the employee knows they're not being utilized to their full potential.

Instead, look to have at least 50% of the requirements*....even if it's in another industry.

*does not apply to certifications and licenses needed to legally perform duties like a Lawyer or Doctor.

So, how much do you need to qualify for a job posting in order to apply 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%?


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