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How I Helped Michelle Go From 0 Interviews to Landing Her Dream Job

Michelle was struggling in her job search.

Despite having the right qualifications, she couldn’t even land interviews for Director roles, let alone job offers.

On the rare occasion she got an interview, Michelle lacked confidence and struggled to effectively sell herself. She knew what she was doing wasn’t working, but didn’t know how to fix it.

That’s when Michelle reached out to me for coaching. She recognized she needed help revamping her personal brand in order to achieve career success.

Together, we completely overhauled Michelle’s professional branding - from optimizing her resume to elevating her LinkedIn profile to honing her interview skills. We re-positioned her brand from Manager level to Director level leader.

Within days, the interviews started rolling in.

Recruiters saw Michelle in a new light - as a confident, seasoned leader worthy of a Director role.

In interviews, hiring managers were blown away by Michelle’s leadership presence and ability to effectively communicate her value.

The results speak for themselves.

In just weeks, Michelle went from zero interviews to being flooded with opportunities.

She ended up landing a Director position with a massive 75% salary increase (not a typo).

Just like that, her confidence was restored and she learned valuable skills for molding her personal brand to achieve any career goal she sets her sights on.

Michelle’s story goes to show that you can transform your career trajectory faster than you think - but it takes strategy and expert support.

If you’re ready to land your dream job, email me at hello [at] claudiatmiller dot com to discuss leveling up your personal brand.

With the right branding, you too can go from invisible candidate to irresistible top contender in your field. I can’t wait to help you achieve career success!


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