Career Coaching For Women in IT Who Are Serious About Earning $50k-$120k More. 

I help serious professionals secure dream jobs, with dream salaries, at their dream companies -- including fast-growing startups, rockstar midsize companies, and Fortune 500 and Tech Giants. 


Excel at Digital Networking

Just because more people are working remotely, doesn’t mean networking is dead. Quite the opposite, actually! I’ll help you connect with leaders in your field (or desired field), fast tracking the next steps in your career.

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Pivot In Your Career

Looking to relocate, break into management, or enter a new industry? I can help you get exactly where you want to be in your career -- from wherever you’re currently at.

Get Clarity

Maybe you want to take the next step in your career, but aren’t quite sure what that step is. No worries. I can help you gain the clarity you need to figure out the next step -- then help you get there.

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My Services

I offer several services and packages to help take your career to the next level.  


Read more about them below 

Career Coaching


90-Day Job Offer Program

Keynote Speaker/



Speaker/Workshop Facilitator

Here's what's included in the 90-Day Job Offer Program:

Resume Writing

Get a winning resume that cuts through red tape, makes its way into hiring managers’ hands, and positions you as the top candidate in your field.

Resume & Cover Letter Writing: Client Success Spotlight

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“The results were immediate as I received an interview and several callbacks within the first week of Claudia's revisions. If you need a full rehaul or just a rewrite, I'd highly suggest connecting with Claudia.” 


- Joshua C.

Interview Coaching

Own the room. Win the interview. Stop wasting time and feeling awkward and confused -- and start landing serious offers!

Interview Coaching: Client Success Spotlight

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“I worked with Claudia on a 4-session program to improve my interview skills. I needed to take my interview skills to the next level, and felt that it was holding me back from landing offers. Claudia helped to refine and improve the stories I tell during interviews and bolster my confidence when going into an interview. She also helped tackle how to handle questions that throw you off, and ways to mitigate nervousness. She's a pleasure to work with, and Claudia's enthusiasm and passion for her clients is clearly visible. I highly recommend her!"


- Meryl M.

Best Value: Career Coaching Bundle

My best value service -- includes all of the above services, and more (including many special bonuses), for one all-inclusive price.

Career Coaching Bundle: Client Success Spotlight

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“I reached out to several professionals for help with Career Tips and Resume Writing in Sept 2017. Claudia won my business, and I am very happy with the results! 


“Within a month of revamping my resume to promote my skills in a new industry, I had several phone and face-to-face interviews. It took about 6 months to navigate the job market and find a great fit. I set my aims high, and right before a final office interview with a Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For, Claudia reached out to check in. She helped narrow my focus to key deliverables and advocated my best value-add traits for the interview, and I got the job! 


“Claudia gave great feedback and examples. She tailored the meeting to my specific needs and was very prepared. I would highly recommend Claudia for Career Tips, Resume Writing, and Interview Preparation.”


- Jennifer L.



  • I’ve helped my clients secure dream jobs at amazing companies, including Amazon, Google, UBER, Disney Apple and many more

  • I’ve helped my clients negotiate salary increases of up to $120,000

  • My work has been featured in Forbes, MSNBC, Business Insider, and other major news outlets

My Personalized Plan Promise

Heart & Hands

Some career coaches use pre-made templates, cookie cutter approaches, or generic, “plug and play” strategies for their clients. I take a different approach: I believe that your career path is as unique as you are! When you work with me, you always get guidance and deliverables that are 100% original, personalized, and tailored to your individual personality, needs, and goals.

“I not only landed my dream job but I also got an interview with a large, successful company and was told that my resume was “eye catching and well organized”. This was all because of Claudia’s help! In addition to her amazing resume writing skills, she also is very friendly, and genuinely cares about helping you achieve your goals! I highly recommend working with her, it was exactly what I needed to help me reach my dream career.”


-Carolyn L.

3 Steps To Advancing Your Career With Claudia

On a Video Call


Schedule a complimentary 45-minute Strategy Call to get the ball rolling

Notebook and Pen


We’ll create a personalized plan for achieving your career goals

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Get the job you want, the salary you want, & the status you want!

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a charge for scheduling a Strategy Call?


There is no charge for scheduling a Strategy Call. However, my time slots for Strategy Calls are limited, and require advanced scheduling.


How long does a Strategy Call last?


Each Strategy Call takes about 45 minutes. I’ll ask some questions, give you some helpful pointers, and, if we both agree we’re a good fit to work together, we’ll come up with a personalized plan for helping you achieve your career goals.


Will I learn anything on our Strategy Call?


Yes! I’ll teach you all of the following:


  • How to discover the perfect job for you, and position yourself for future career advancement

  • How to network effectively to get the job you want (even if you’re not good at networking)

  • My #1 strategy for successfully selling yourself in an interview, even if you’re not a natural self-promoter, or feel you don’t have the most relevant experience

  • How to gain control during the interview, and overcome roadblocks that can stop you from getting the job offer

  • How to confidently negotiate your salary, without fear of rejection or worrying about leaving money on the table

  • How to position yourself in a unique yet authentic way that allows you to stay true to yourself and your values, while also standing out from the competition

  • And more

Still Have Questions? 

Check out my full list of Frequently Asked Questions here or email me at hello(at)